Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova

The Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to People’s Republic of China


Identity card

Appointment for the submission of an identity card applications can be submitted from Monday to Friday, between 10.00-17.00, at the telephone number +86 65325494 or at the e-mail address: , indicating the name / surname of the applicant and a phone number.

Cases of issuing the identity card:

• at the first address;
• exchange of the Soviet-type passport (1974 model), the provisional identity card or the provisional identity document (form no. 9); changing, modifying, rectifying or supplementing personal data;
• finding in the exactitudes, non-conformities, falsifications in the documents from the documents;
• change of resident address;
• in case of change of the name or rank of the localities, streets, of the renumbering of the buildings or of their rounding, of the establishment of the localities, of the streets; in case of modification, rectification or completion of the address data address;
• in case of loss, theft or damage;
• expiration of the validity term;
• acquiring or regaining the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova;
• in case of repatriation;
• at the request of the holder to change it.

Necessary documents for obtaining the identity card:
(original + copy / documents must be issued by the Republic of Moldova)

• 2 photos 10x15cm + 2 photos 3x4 cm, color, matte, on white background;
• Valid or expired passport (only in the case of the first documentation of the person with identity card);
• identity cards with accompanying cards or valid passports of the parents (if a card for child up to 18 years is required);
• birth certificate, birth certificate of the child up to 16 years old, marriage certificate, divorce certificate (issued in the name of the applicant or the parent of the minor applicant), death certificate of the spouse, name change certificate and / or first name, the opinion regarding the annulment, modification and / or completion of the civil status act. In case of divorce of the child's parents, the divorce certificate issued in the name of the parent presenting with the child will be presented;
• documents required for registration at home or at residence or, as the case may be, for modification, rectification or completion of the residence address;
• the payment slip paid at the post office in original or proof of the transfer to the embassy account.
• Acquisition of citizenship of the Republic of Moldova.

Terms and conditions for issuing the identity card

The indicative deadline for the delivery of the ID card in China is 2-3 months from the date of submission of the application to the Embassy.
The Embassy makes every effort to guarantee the speedy processing of requests for the completion of identity cards. However, the Embassy cannot guarantee an exact date of receipt of the ID abroad. The delivery time of the ID card abroad specified above is indicative and may vary. The diplomatic mission encourages citizens to consider submitting the application for the completion of the identity card at least 3 months before the date on which the new document is expected to be used.