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The Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to People’s Republic of China




Dear Visitor,


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the People’s Republic of China. Special thanks go to those who choose Moldova as their travel and investment destination.


Since the Republic of Moldova and China established diplomatic relations in 1992, mutual exchanges and understanding between the peoples of our two countries have been increasing remarkably, with new horizon of cooperation opening constantly. Nowadays more and more people in China are interested in knowing Moldova and vice versa, and our two nations have very warm feelings toward each others.


My priority during my tenure as Ambassador to China is to strengthen established ties and enhance cooperation between our two countries in all sectors. The current digital and technological revolutions offer huge opportunities for our cooperation in various fields, and by closely communicating and learning from each other we can find the best ways to bring benefits to our countries and peoples.


China is an important partner for Moldova, and there is a lot more Moldova and China can offer each other.


As China moves ahead with its efforts to deepen its opening to the world, and Moldova is creating attractive business conditions by implementing economical reforms, there are growing opportunities for our two countries businesses to develop, across areas such as infrastructure, agribusiness, IT, energy and so on.


This website is a further step forward bringing Moldova and China even closer, is a virtual window between our countries that will provide useful information and links related to the services of the Embassy, news about our multifaceted and growing bilateral relationship, as well as information about Republic of Moldova, its foreign and domestic policies, investment climate and business opportunities, tourism attractions.


I sincerely hope that this website will serve as a platform for enhancing friendship between the peoples of our countries and a bridge for strengthening Moldova-China political, economic and cultural exchanges.


Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in Moldova-China relations. We truly welcome and value your views and comments.


Yours sincerely,


Denis Jelimalai,

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

of the Republic of Moldova to the People’s Republic of China



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