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Noutăţile Ambasadei

18/03/2022 | Noutăți



随着欧洲地区冲突的不断加剧,大量难民涌入摩尔多瓦共和国,摩国政府正尽全力为难民提供紧急援助,每位难民每日获得不少于25美金的救助。自冲突开始后,我国已经累计有30万难民(包括11万多名青少年)进入摩尔多瓦,其中近12.4万难民将长期滞留(所滞留的青少年难民占比40%以上),摩尔多瓦政府每日提供的援助累计高达100万美金,已经达到所能承接的极限(摩尔多瓦本国人口仅有240万)。联合国难民署估计摩尔多瓦接待难民的数量只能在2万人左右,目前实际情况已经数倍于预期指标。目前的难民救助已经极大的影响到了摩尔多瓦政府的财政支出,...Read more

31/01/2022 | Noutăți

Republica Moldova și China celebrează 30 de ani de la stabilirea relațiilor diplomatice

În data de 30 ianuarie curent, Republica Moldova și China celebrează 30 de ani de la stabilirea relațiilor diplomatice moldo-chineze. Marcăm acest jubileu printr-o cooperare activă pe filiera dialogului bilateral, în domeniul politic, prin intermediul implementării proiectelor sectoriale de interes comun și cooperare...Read more

02/03/2021 | Noutăți

Important announcement

Starting March 5, 2021 at the entrance to the Republic of Moldova, the COVID-19 negative PCR test performed 72 hours before, is mandatory.

According to judgment no. 47 of February 26, 2021 of The Extraordinary National Commission of Public Health, starting from March 5, 2021, in the Republic of Moldova, during the state of emergency in public health, the obligation to present at the...Read more

30/10/2019 | Noutăți

Moldova Business Week 2019 brings to the fore the investment potential of niche sectors

“Grow in Moldova!” – with this call begins the 6th edition of Business Week in Moldova – an international economic event that highlights policies, reforms, trends and success stories, connecting the participants to the opportunities provided by the business environment in our country.

Organized by the Moldovan Investment Agency in collaboration with development partners and the...Read more

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News from Moldova

28/03/23 | Comunicate de presa

28th of march, 2023, Chisinau - Today started the summit for democracy in which our country also participates.

The list of commitments can be accessed here.

28/03/23 | Comunicate de presa

28th of march, 2023, Chisinau – Cohort recommendations for international anti-corruption cooperation were published.

23/03/23 | Comunicate de presa

On March 15, 2023, the Governments of the Republic of Moldova (Moldova) and the United States of America (United States) held the Moldova-U.S. Strategic Dialogue in Chisinau. The event included political consultations led by the Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Nicu Popescu and U.S.

28/11/22 | Comunicate de presa

22 noiembrie 2022, Chișinău – La Chișinău s-a desfășurat cea de-a șasea rundă de consultări în domeniul de securitate și apărare, în conformitate cu prevederile Acordul de Asociere Republica Moldova - Uniunea Europeană.

29/09/22 | Comunicate de presa

September 29, 2021, Chișinău – State Secretary Vladimir Cuc had a meeting with regional representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Central Europe, Roland Sebastian Schilling.